My work spans a wide spectrum, from editing a professor’s grant report for the U.S. Department of Defense to writing an explanatory article about millipedes. My areas of greatest interest include:

  • cities and community building
  • human migration
  • race and ethnicity
  • ethics
  • conflict, trauma, and justice

My work has been published online, in print, and in your inbox by the organizations listed below. Samples from some of my favorite projects follow. While I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to use my blog French Pressed, you can browse the archive for fun stories from my travels around the world.









Work samples


“One case in particular stands out as more relevant to today’s debate about detaining children and families. The Flores case was filed in 1985 and led to what’s known as the ‘Flores settlement.’ This contract between the government and the plaintiffs set standards for holding children and families in detention, which courts continue to use today.” Immigration detention in the US: 4 essential reads »

The term arose from an effort to define the ways in which racism was changing, from more overt and public acts, to smaller day-to-day slights…What’s Considered a Microaggression? »

Having so many legs is part of what makes millipedes so adaptive. Fossil evidence suggests that millipedes were among the first-ever terrestrial animals, which means they have been around for about 400 million years…” How Many Legs Does a Millipede Really Have? »

“Our last move of the night was to a small, packed bar where flavored tobacco smoke and body heat weighed down the air. Through the smoke I saw that everyone, young and old, was fixated toward the front of the room, as if in a trance.” Finding Fado: The Soul of Lisbon »


As a politics editor at The Conversation US, I collaborated with college and university academics to write daily news analysis based on their expertise. I developed strong skills in making complex knowledge and research accessible to the general public. Here are some of my favorite stories from the more than 400 I edited:

» Today’s US-Mexico ‘border crisis’ in 6 charts

» How crossing the US-Mexico border became a crime

» What the ‘California Dream’ means to indigenous people

» Are Puerto Ricans really American citizens?

I’m available to edit just about anything in English – resumes, websites, reports, dissertations, and more.


At the Southern Regional Education Board, I worked across teams to produce beautiful content to tell important stories. I managed several projects to share our research on teaching with legislators, policymakers, and educators through reports, newsletters, hand-outs, and other content.

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