A lot happened yesterday. Impossible to tell it all in a single blog post before rushing to breakfast before we have to get back on the bus. So, let me just tell you about the food. The FOOD!

At most restaurants where we’ve eaten, the menus have contained a mix of your standard burgers, Mexican-inspired dishes, salads and quite a number of grill items like ribs.

So I was extremely pleased when yesterday, we went and ate lunch in Soweto, a township outside of Johannesburg. This township of course is of interest for so many more things. I’ll try to circle back to those things in another post. For now, let me tell you quickly about the food we ate at Sakhumzi Restaurant.

It was a buffet-style restaurant that is located on what’s sort of the tourist strip of Soweto. It’s on the same street as the Mandela House, the house where Mandela and his first two wives lived before he was imprisoned, and for 11 days after he was released. It’s also right next to Desmond Tutu’s house. And a couple of blocks from the Hector Pieterson Museum. The main strip is lined with vendors flagging down tourists selling every sort of souvenir. Men will approach you singing or help you park your car to try and earn a couple Rand.

Touristic features aside, the food was absolutely delicious. I put as much on my plate as I could, which included rice, assorted roasted veggies, Boerewors sausage, sour fermented mealie (corn meal that’s used to make beer), two other types of corn meal (one which was sweet and the other bland), a mixture of beans and chickpeas, what looked and tasted like a lamb stew and a rich veggie soup.20180519_132409

Yes, I ate it all.

For now, fast-forward through a trip to the WitsMuseum of art to speak with Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA) archive director Keval Harie; Apartheid Museum; Mandela House tour; Hector Pieterson Museum; and Scully’s black Madonna at the Regina Mundi Catholic Church. (I swear it feels like we’ve already been here a week.)

Dinner time! Who’s hungry?

I think we all were. A generous soul, a friend of one of the travelers in our group, invited the 15 of us, our tour guide and bus driver to dinner in her beautiful home. She had her nephew and two friends join us to eat an assortment of incredible home-cooked delights. Chicken and potato samosas, cheese puffs, chicken soup, veggie soup, salad, mushroom quiche, another kind of quiche, and I think three types of dates. HEAVEN. FOOD COMA.


Thank you so much, Aisha!!!

Now, dashing off to breakfast.

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